Weather Policy

Litchfield Youth Soccer Weather Policy

The following policy applies to all Litchfield Youth Soccer recreation practice/games as well as travel practice and travel EDP games (U9 and below). For travel games (U10 and above) please refer to the NHSL guidelines listed below regarding severe weather.

Coaches and referees are responsible for the immediate stoppage (or not starting) of practices and or games if you hear thunder or see lighting.  There shall be a mandatory 30 minute waiting period from the last hearing of thunder or seeing of lightning before restarting. 

Referees and coaches are responsible for calling off the games and practices in the event of severe weather.  The safety of the children and spectators should always be the deciding factor when cancelling games. 

Coaches and referees should instruct players to leave the playing area and seek shelter. If a parent or guardian is not present, it is the coach’s responsibility to provide shelter until the parent or guardian arrives.  Coaches and referees should monitor weather conditions and remain in contact with parents when the threat of adverse weather conditions are forecasted. 

If either coach or the referee do not feel comfortable with the playing the game under the conditions due to thunder and lightning, the game is not to resume.

This policy also applies to an unsafe playing surface due to weather conditions. 

NHSL Weather Policy

If you hear thunder or see lightning a game is to be stopped immediately (or not started if prior to kickoff) and there is a MANDATORY 30 minute waiting period from the last hearing of thunder or sight of lightning before a game may be restarted.

EVERYONE – PLAYERS, COACH’S, REFEREES and SPECTATORS should seek safe shelter until the game can be resumed, postponed or terminated

Here is information from US Soccer:

Here is information from NOAA:

Here are some additional guidelines regarding Thunder and Lightning

If the coaches are willing to wait then the Referees are to wait however long is needed to play the game.  The Referee should not terminate the game unless the field is unplayable or both coaches have agreed to postpone/cancel the match.