Senior/Sophomore Project Guidelines

  1. The student(s) looking to complete their sophomore or senior project with the LYSL must reach out to the President, as this is the board member that oversees these projects, to make the request, give a brief overview of the proposed project and determine which board meeting they will attend.
  2. The student(s) must attend a board meeting and present their proposal to the board to request approval. At the meeting, the student must…
    1. Present what are they proposing to do for their project (what group are they looking to work with, what season, etc.)
    2. How do you intend to fulfill your hours needed for your project
      1. Sophomore 20* hours
      2. Senior 40* hours
    3. Why do they want to do their volunteer hours with LYSL
    4. This request must be made and approved before the start of the project
  3. After the presentations are complete, the LYSL board will vote to accept or modify the Sophomore/Senior Project. The student will be notified via email of the decision within 3 days via the President.
  4. The student will need a project mentor. This needs to be a current LYSL board member.
    1. The mentor will follow up with the student and/or any additional LYSL member they are assigned to, they will make sure the student is fulfilling your hours and providing value to the team.
    2. The mentor will also review and sign off on the school paperwork.
    3. If any discretion of hours/challenges or concerns occur the mentor will notify the board.
  5. It will be the responsibility of the student and mentor to make sure the hours and the final signoff are complete.
  6. A copy of the signed, completed hours must be submitted to the President (for tracking purposes).
  7. LYSL will reach out to CHS each year to get the current requirements for these projects. If the requirements have changed, the board will need to update the LYSL guidelines to reflect the changes.

* Subject to change. The LYSL follows the guidelines of CHS for the project hours:

  • Per CHS guidelines, the senior project cannot be the same as the sophomore project
  • Per CHS guidelines, you cannot have a relative signoff on hours (LYSL sponsor can’t be a relative)