Concussion Policy

LYSL Concussion Management Policy

A player who the coaches believe has sustained a concussion – whether by exhibiting signs of a concussion or having sustained a blow to the head – will not return to the field for practice or a game without the express written medical authorization/permission from the child’s medical provider stating that the child is cleared to participate in youth sports, and in particular soccer.  An LYSL Injury report shall be completed by the coach and submitted as the form directs.  After a player has been cleared by a trained medical professional and written authorization/permission has been provided to the coach, the player should be gradually returned to play commencing with light aerobic activity on the first day of return and slowly progressing into sport specific conditioning and running drills then on to non-contact drills such as line drills, shooting drills, passing drills and only then to full contact practice drills. The Coach shall monitor the player to see if he/she remains symptom free through the activity and throughout the night/day until next practice.  If symptoms arise during a day of activity, activity should be stopped immediately and that day would be repeated the following day. No player who returns from a concussion, after proper written authorization has been provided to the Coach, shall participate in a GAME until that player has participated in a minimum of one (1) practice.

LYSL Injury Report (854 downloads )