Staff Duties


  1. Contact between NH Soccer and LYSL
    • Insurance payments
    • Child Safe
    • League Fees
    • All other requirements from the state are followed
  1. Contact between various leagues that travel teams play in and LYSL
    • Insure league fees paid
    • Insure all requirements for leagues are followed,
    • Interact with league on any issues regarding LYSL coaches
  1. Ensure LYSL Constitution and Bylaws are followed
  2. Contact between external groups (lawyer) and LYSL
  • Non Profit paperwork with State of NH
  • Any additional legal advice as needed
  • Ability to purchase goods for the club
  • Ensure other board members are performing their task and have the resources to complete them
  • Form committees as needed
  1. Manage all areas of LYSL
  2. Resolve any disciplinary issues with board members and volunteers

 Vice President

  • Attends monthly board meetings and runs them in the event president is not able to attend
  • Serves as a back-up to the President on all matters if possible
  • Serves as a back-up to the field coordinator
  • Serves as a back-up for instructional, 4v4, and 6v6 coordinators as needed
  • Manages kid-safe registration
  • Serves as spokesman for league issues along with the President
  • Manages parking issues on Brickyard Dr for Innes field
  • Serves as chair to the scholarship committee
  • Handles decal orders for all levels including travel teams
  • Attends monthly travel meetings
  • Attends Recreation Committee meetings as needed
  • Attends Board of Selectmen meetings as needed
  • Involved with continuous improvements for the league


  • Bank Accounts at TD Banknorth
    • Commercial Interest Checking Account
    • Commercial Regular Savings Account
    • Certificate of Deposit
  • Signers on accounts (one):
  • President or Treasurer
  • The treasurer makes all deposits for recreation and travel programs.  Parents should write checks out to “LYSL”. 
  • The Registrar’s will deliver checks collected for recreation fall and spring leagues.
  • Travel coaches will deliver checks for their travel teams. 
    • Coaches should spot check payments for mistakes. 
    • The Webmaster will notify of transfers made from Paypal accounts for online payments.
  • The treasurer is the primary custodian, bank statements should be sent to the treasurer’s home address.
  • The treasurer tracks all deposits and checks in Quickbooks and works with other members of the board for expenses.  All expenses require invoice/backup for payments.  Typical expenses include:
  • Metro Sports  – uniforms & supplies (Equipment Coordinator)
  • Granite State Youth Soccer League – insurance (President)
  • Referee fees – listing provided by Referee Coordinator at the end of the season
  • Dave’s Septic – port-a-potties (Field Coordinator)
  • Tournament & referee fees – (Travel Coaches)
  • Crown Trophy – awards (Equipment Coordinator)
  • Scholarship recipients


  • Send out meeting reminders
  • Attend all monthly meetings
  • Take notes during the meeting
  • Type up notes & e-mail to all board members
  • Arrange paid & FREE adds with the HLN
  • Drop off inserts from registrar @HLN for publication deadlines
  • File paper work with selectmen’s office for sign usage for advertising
  • If sign usage is granted; hang letters on marquee for advertising
  • File paperwork with LMS in August in order to secure a location/day/time for monthly meetings.  Included in this paper work is a certificate of insurance that LYSL must provide in order to book a room/event.  The President of LYSL currently provides this certificate to me annually.

 Travel Coordinator

  • Pick a date for travel tryouts.  In early spring, choose an early June date.
  • Pick a date for registration night (Parents register kids and order uniforms)
  • Prepare registration forms for tryouts.
  • Determine cost for each age level
  • Coordinate with equipment coordinator to create registration night order forms
  • Have a meeting after registration to determine team selection and cuts
  • Coordinate with local towns (Hudson) to borrow or lend players to help fill teams
  • Register teams and coaches with Granite State (mid July)
  • Determine bill to be paid to Granite State and submit it to the treasurer
  • Assist travel coaches as needed

Equipment Coordinator

  • Responsible for ordering of all equipment for the Litchfield Youth soccer league. working with the vendor to make sure uniforms are done on time travel soccer uniforms, coordinating with all travel coaches to get sizes for all uniforms in and ordered before the season starts,  rec soccer uniforms, coordinating with the various coordinators of the different divisions to orders shirts, different colors, different sizes for each division.  
  • Ordering of first aid supplies
  • Responsible for ordering of trophies for end of season tournament and medals for rec division.  
  • Work with vendor in finding new uniforms or new vendors for shirts, sweatshirts, uniforms, etc.  
  • Ordering field equipment requests from coaches for extra’s then go through board to get requests approved.  
  • Email or call orders into vendor, pick up material when ready and hand out to coaches.  
  • Make sure costs remain the same and email board if changes.  
  • All ordering goes through the equipment coordinator, even sweatshirts and bags for teams.

 Field Coordinator

  • Fill out paperwork at CHS, LMS (GMS fields are requested at LMS) as well as with the Recreation commission (Innes Fields and Darrah pond) for use of the fields for the fall and spring seasons. Must be filled out twice a year.
    • Campbell’s contact is Dan Kiestlinger and Matt Bennett
    • Recreation commission meets the first and third Tuesday at Talent Hall
    • Give a copy of updated insurance policy.
  • Fill out practice and game grids for all recreation and travel teams for CHS, LMS, Innes, Darrah (fall only) and GMS. 
  • Request the fields for any other items that are necessary i.e. summer soccer.
  • All field issues should go through the coordinator.
  • If possible should be one of the soccer liaisons to the recreation commission to answer any questions that may arise during the season.

Instructional Coordinator

  • LYSL Board Member – attend monthly LYSL Board Meetings
  • The ordering, organization and distribution of shirts and equipment
  • Determine number of teams & coaches required
    • Player names & forms posted electronically by registration or the registrar
    • Must be an even number of teams to allow scheduling
  • Compile list of known coaches
  • Review player forms for any/all parent volunteers
  • Make a list of available coaches to chose from
  • Confirm coaches
  • Create teams
  • Coaches children first
  • Special requests (car pool, neighbor, etc…)
  • Try to evenly distribute the remaining players by age, gender
  • Call/email coaches with:
  • Coordinator introduction letter
  • Instructions on accessing website and player list
  • Schedule
  • Coaches master list with contact information
  • Instructional League Tenets
  • Responsible for the canceling and possible rescheduling of games
  • Distribution of medals and collection of equipment

4v4 Coordinator

  • Review registrations and interview perspective coaches
  • Recruit coaches if necessary
  • Verify that rules are distributed to all coaches
  • Hold coaches meetings to allow coaches to draft players
  • Teach coaches how to use the LYSL coaches page
  • Determine how many teams there will be and create a season schedule
  • Arrange equipment bags and distribute them to coaches
  • Re-order supplies as necessary with the equipment coordinator
  • Re-line fields as needed at GMS after the initial lining on field day
    • Shared with instructional coordinator
    • Repair the 4v4 and 6v6 nets as necessary at GMS
      • Shared with instructional coordinator
    • Responsible for making sure the shed at GMS stays clean and repair as needed
      • Shared with instructional coordinator
    • Attend monthly board meetings
    • Order medals for the end of the season through the equipment coordinator
    • Back up coaches practices as necessary

6v6 Coordinator

  • Review registrations and interview perspective coaches
  • Recruit coaches if necessary
  • Verify that rules are distributed to all coaches
  • Teach coaches how to use the LYSL coaches page
  • Determine how many teams there will be and create a season schedule
  • Arrange equipment bags and distribute them to coaches
  • Re-order supplies as necessary with the equipment coordinator
  • Responsible for making sure the shed at Innes Field stays clean
  • Attend monthly board meetings
  • Order medals for the end of the season through the equipment coordinator
  • Back up coaches practices as necessary
  • Organize and run the end of the season 6v6 tournament
    • Recruit volunteers
    • Organize tent and field set-up

Senior Rec Coordinator

  • The Sr. Rec Coordinator is responsible for the soccer activities of the U12-U16 co-ed recreational soccer group. This is typically 1 large group divided into 4 smaller teams. The group is generally kept together due to inconsistent attendance from this age group, which allows a pick-up style of play with an adequate amount of participants. This is a LYSL Board position.
  • Contact all registered players approximately 1 week prior to the start of the season to notify them of practice dates and times, game schedule, and required equipment (required equipment includes #5 ball, shin guards, water bottle. Cleats are recommended but not required).
  • Request shirts from Equipment Coordinator (commonly 4 different colors of 6-8 shirts each color; sizes M, L, with 1 XL)
  • Prepare practice plans to develop skills of the group as a whole
  • Deliver game schedule to Referee Coordinator to ensure referee coverage as needed
  • Confirm schedule with Field Coordinator
  • Manage practices and games
  • Ensure that all required equipment is available in equipment bag including goalie gloves, balls, and first aid kit
  • Review field prior to practices and games for condition, hazards, trash, etc. to ensure safety of players
  • Maintain a cell phone at the field in case of emergencies
  • Retain copies of medical release forms (part of registration forms)
  • Attend monthly board meetings
  • Vote at board meetings in accordance with LYSL mission and in concert with the betterment of the league and its participants 
  • Volunteer to assist with other league needs as necessary
  • Assist in net and field set up as necessary
  • Deliver medals or other awards to all participants at the end of the season
  • Be an active member of LYSL board

 Travel Registrar

  • Coordinate with board to determine travel tryout process, dates, times, etc.
  • Develop advertising fliers, registration fliers, uniform order fliers and printing.
  • Assist Travel coordinator with individual player registration on Granite State Website submit teams for approval.
  • Review all player forms for proper signatures, and payment received
  • Print team rosters, player/coach passes laminated and distributed

Recreation Registrar

  • Manual data entry of any mailed in registration into the LYSL registration website
  • Phone follow up calls to parents to ensure all information is correct when the form is not filled out completely
  • Phone calls to parents when a payment or registration change occurs
  • Collection of payments (not online)
  • Follow up with coaches to ensure all registered players are assigned a team
  • Report to board if any issues arise

Referee Coordinator

  • Provide referees for 6v6
  • Provide referees for Sr Rec
  • provide referees for EDP
  • Provide referees for Granite State 6v6

Coaching Coordinator


Website Coordinator

  • Add information and cancellation messages to the website
  • Make sure domain name (paid through godaddy) is paid up
  • Make sure domain server (godaddy) is paid up
  • Work with godaddy if website is not working correctly (occasionally something gets messed up on their end)
  • Create/Modify email addresses (info, board, and travel
  • Monitor and respond (daily) to e-mail sent by the Contact Us page
  • Monitor PayPal account and forward money to LYSL checking account
  • Develop and maintain code to process rec registrations on-line, provide accounts for coordinators and coaches, and website pages
  • Post team pictures and schedules as needed
  • Periodically backup and delete on-line database
  • Update on-line calendar

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